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Olivia is our favorite pig in the world. There is no one like her, she is so unique, that we learn a lot from all her energy, creativity and enthusiasm for life. Olivia likes to sing out loud, try on all her clothes every time she gets dressed, go to the beach and build sand castles, pretend she is a dancer or an opera singer, pester the cat, get rid of her little brother, paint murals , piss off everyone. In short, it is a little pig that has a lot of fun.
But the one we admire the most is his mom, for her infinite patience. Surely many of us identify with Olivia, which is why it will be wonderful to have a story like this.

EDITORIAL: Economic Culture Fund

AUTHOR(A): Ian Falconer



TRANSLATION: Ernestina Loyo

# OF PAGES: 32

SIZE: 28 cm x 22 cm

PUBLICATION DATE: First edition in Spanish 2001 - Tenth printing 2022


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