¿Y si creamos una banda de música?

What if we create a music band?

At home we love to play with music and since Aurora was born we have the perfect excuse to become children with her and play the instruments freely and spontaneously . The drum is one of our favorites. His tum tum tum inspires us to invent songs.

Making music as a family is great . It is a very beautiful and fun way to communicate what we feel, dance a little and enjoy the rhythms and sounds that inhabit us. Girls and boys are musical beings by nature and exploring this language with them reminds us that we are too, regardless of whether or not we have technical knowledge of musical instruments.

Cheer up together to make a band! The most babies will want to sound instruments such as maracas or rattles . Later, they became interested in chinchines , bronze cymbals considered one of the oldest and smallest percussion instruments. And of course, the drum , an invitation to the rhythm that reminds us of the rumble of our hearts.

Experts say that music is as important to humans as breathing and that it stimulates areas of the brain connected to creativity and emotions. Let's be music together! Let's breathe the rhythms and sounds and let the house be filled with songs and dances.

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